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MNKY & Ryki are announced as Frenzy's hard trance residents

Saturday 8th September 2007

Frenzy are very happy to announce that we now have two new residents onboard. You will already know these guys as they've rocked Frenzy on many occasions already this year, and they are MKNY and Ryki.

Mitch and Ricky as they're otherwise known are being brought into the Frenzy fold for a number of reasons, first and foremost they fit the Frenzy ethos of being not only being technically excellent DJs, but also crowd entertainers. They also fill a gap for us which we've not had before, and that's being our hard trance experts. So far this year they've performed brilliantly for Frenzy at the Slinky Hard date we did, as well as when they played on the Andy Whitby night at the Empire Club in Bournemouth.

MNKY & Ryki

Frenzy is committed to bring the clubber the best in underground dance music and as yet have had nobody to fill the hard trance void which you've told us you want more of. Typically these guys will tend to play later in the night taking you through until the early hours.

What with our recent bookings of Frantic resident Frisky on the line-ups, we think these guys will compliment the harder end of events for us when we choose to bring you artists from the further spectrums of hard dance.

Find out more about the boys in the residents section.