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Frenzy from 2002 - 2004

These are the years when Frenzy was putting on hard house and hard dance clubnights and events in venues such as Passion Nightclub in Bournemouth, a one-off party over in the Red Rooms in Ringwood, plus the very beginnings of Frenzy in Cagneys Nightclub underneath Bournemouth's Hilton Hotel. We didn't record many events in the early days so currently only have a few photos and posters for you.

Full review... Frenzy photos from 2003 @ Passion Nightclub
Unknown dates from 2003
Some classic old photos from the Frenzy nights in the Passion basement

Full review... A selection of Frenzy posters from 2002 to 2004 @ Various
Ranging from 2002 to 2004 in Cagneys, Destiny, Red Rooms and Passion Nightclub
A load of posters dug up from the Frenzy vaults!