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Interviews with hard house DJs and hard dance DJs

Frenzy plays host to some of the foremost DJs in hard dance and hard house from around the UK and the globe. We also manage to interview a fair few of them before they play at Frenzy including Andy Whitby, BK, Cally Gage, The Tidy Boys, Ed Real, Kym Ayres, Frisky, and many more.

AndY Whitby Andy Whitby (April 2010)
Andy Whitby is one of Frenzy's most popular guests, and this isn't the first time we've had words with him either. In advance of his April 2010 gig with us we talk about the Hard Dance Awards, his new labels, and more.

Gaz White Gaz White (January 2010)
Gaz White is one of the original Slinky residents and will be DJ'ing back to back with Tim Lyall for Frenzy on March the 6th. They will be taking charge of room two which is going to be dedicated to trance classics on the night.

Rob Tissera Rob Tissera (January 2010)
Rob Tissera is one of the biggest names in hard dance and hard house, and has been on the dance music scene since the early rave days when he once incited a riot. Rob will be DJ'ing for us in March with Kym Ayres.

Rodi Style Rodi Style (July 2009)
Universally renowned as one of the most technically gifted hard dance DJs on the planet, Rodi Style will be making his Frenzy debut alongside Kym Ayres and Klubfiller in August

MNKY & Ryki MNKY & Ryki (May 2009)
MNKY & Ryki are one of the most exciting back-to-back DJ partnerships to emerge from the UK clubbing scene in recent years, and are fast cementing themselves a reputation

James Condon James Condon (March 2009)
James Condon is resident for the mighty Frantic and has DJ'ed at every major hard dance event in the UK. He will be joining us in April for our camo-themed event.

Lil'Bri Lil' Bri (January 2009)
Lil' Bri has been destroying dance floors all over Bournemouth and the south coast for more years than many of us care to remember and will be DJ'ing old skool at Frenzy vs Resonate

Iain Cross Iain Cross (January 2009)
He is a familiar name for south coast clubbers with a rich history within the hard trance scene. From his beginnings at the legendary Country Club to his current residency with Resonate

The Tidy DJs The Tidy DJs (Part 2) (November 2008)
Sam Townend is one half of the Tidy DJs and also label manager at the mighty Tidy Trax. Frenzy caught up with him for some words before Keep Bournemouth Tidy at the Opera House

Mark EG Mark EG (November 2008)
Possibly the craziest and most entertaining act you will ever see behind the decks, Mark EG is a hardstyle and hard trance legend, find out more about his mad DJ'ing antics

Kym Ayres Kym Ayres (November 2008)
Kym Ayres is one quarter of the Tidy Girls, which of course means she is one of the most popular female hard dance DJs on the planet and will be DJ'ing at Keep Bournemouth Tidy

SL-DJ SL-DJ (November 2008)
Stuart Jackson aka SL-DJ is head-honcho and resident DJ for Bournemouth hard trance promotion Resonate. He is also a regular guest of Frenzy not to mention a good friend of ours

Caz Wood Caz Wood (November 2008)
Caz Wood is one of the new DJs earning rave reviews up and down the UK. In this interview she tells us about her forthcoming gig for Frenzy at Keep Bournemouth Tidy

Organ Donors The Organ Donors (November 2008)
The Organ Donors are two of the leading names in UK hard trance. They tell us about their sordid experiences with Thai lady boys plus explain why men should not have nipples

DJ Wilma DJ Wilma (November 2008)
DJ Wilma is a mysterious man, but not for much longer! From once owning Club Destiny, to how he got his name, we've got all the dirt before Keep Bournemouth Tidy.

Andy Whitby Andy Whitby - Part 3 - The Birthday Interview (October 2008)
Andy Whitby is one of Frenzy's most regular guests and on the 7th of November he will be helping us celebrate our 6th birthday party in Bournemouth.

Frisky Frisky - Part 2 (September 2008)
Frisky is a regular fixture at Frenzy parties, and is the one guest that our clubbers always ask us to get back. In October she will be playing back to back with Cally Gage.

Cally Gage Cally Gage - Part 3 (September 2008)
When Cally Gage was booked for Frenzy a couple of months ago we couldn't think of a better guest. After all, everytime she's been down we've had record numbers of clubbers.

Dav Gomrass Dav Gomrass (August 2008)
Dav Gomrass is well known as a Slinky resident where he provides the trance soundtrack to many Opera House gigs. In of September he will be making his hard house debut for Frenzy.

DJ Loki DJ Loki (July 2008)
DJ Loki is a UK-based hardstyle DJ who will be making his Frenzy debut on the 1st of August when Frenzy goes a little bit harder. If you're scared easily then please look away now!

DJ Jedi DJ Jedi (July 2008)
The UK's finest old skool DJ takes Frenzy back in time with his talk about his Star Wars collection being nicked, and rinsing the old skool flava on dancefloors all over the UK.

Technikal Alf Bamford aka Technikal (June 2008)
Technikal is one of the most respected and talented producers in hard dance. In this interview he tells us about his embarassing moments, a love of hardcore, and Desperate Housewives.

Helen G Helen G (June 2008)
Helen G is one of the new breed of hard dance DJs making a mark across the UK hard house clubs and will make her debut at Frenzy supporting Anne Savage in June.

Andy Whitby Andy Whitby - Part 2 (April 2008)
Andy Whitby is the current leading light of hard dance, attracting a loyal fan-base and crowds of clubbers everywhere he goes. On May the 23rd he will be visiting Frenzy for the third time.

Chris Hare Chris Hare aka Hariku (April 2008)
Chris Hare was resident for the legendary Country Club, but now he plays electro under his Hariku and Maruki aliases and will be playing Frenzy's room two.

SPX aka 12 Inch Thumpers SPX aka 12 Inch Thumpers (February 2008)
Jake Cusack and Nick Pratt are the guys you'll know from their 12 Inch Thumpers days... now they're going under the SPX guise, but you'll still know what to expect!

Dirty Inc Dirty Inc (January 2008)
Dirty Inc are Frenzy's resident electro DJs and are the strength behind Frenzy's Backroom Sessions at Dusk Till Dawn. They are also two of the rising stars of the elecro scene.

The Tidy DJs Sam Townend from The Tidy DJs (January 2008)
Sam Townend is one half of the Tidy DJs and also label manager for the biggest hard house institution in the world, which is of course Tidy Trax.

Cally Gage Cally Gage - Part 2 (December 2007)
Frenzy caught up with Cally Gage again in advance of playing at Frenzy's opening party of 2008. Apparently she's finally got that dog she was on about back in April!

Jon Langford Jon Langford aka The Knuckleheadz & K-Series (December 2007)
Jon Langford is a bit of a production genius under his many guises including The Knuckleheadz, K-Series, Masif DJs, Mr Bishi, and Flash Headz.

The Tidy Boys Amadeus Mozart from the Tidy Boys (November 2007)
Amadeus Mozart is one half of the Tidy Boys. He is also one of the people behind the superclub Slinky. He speaks to us about the forthcoming Opera House Re-Union

M-Tech & K12 M-Tech & K12 (September 2007)
Scouse house is traditionally a preserve of clubnights north of Wigan Pier, but recently two lads from Bournemouth have been making an impact on the scene.

Andy Exalt Exalt (August 2007)
Andy Exalt is the Hardcore Heaven DJ Competition Winner and is getting well known for his infectious approach to hardcore and scouse with the Hardore Marrows

Baz & Butcher Baz & Butcher (August 2007)
Baz and Butcher are part of the new breed of hard dance DJs creating a merry dance up and down the UK with their warpy bouncy hard ass sounds

Hardcore princess DJ Clodhoppper Clodhopper (July 2007)
Fusion resident Clodopper is becoming a familiar face in the hardcore scene. Her sets have caused quite a stir with her energetic and uplifting bouncy style

Slinky resident Velos Velos (May 2007)
Velos is one of the new breed of DJs currently making an impact on the hard house scene, such an impact in fact, that he's been signed-up as resident by Slinky

BK BK aka Ben Keen (April 2007)
BK is one of the true legends of hard house having produced anthems including Cortina's Music Is Moving, Let The Rhythm Move You, Bad Ass and so many more

Frisky Frisky (April 2007)
The newest addition to the Frantic roster is not too keen on songs about hedgehogs. Other than that she's a cracking DJ from Wales who likes to play it hard

Cally Gage Cally Gage - Part 1 (April 2007)
Cally Gage is one of the new breed of hard house DJs and has recently won the best newcomer accolade at the Hard Dance Awards and is resident for Frantic

Jody Osman from Cheeky Little Monkey Jody Osman (April 2007)
Back in 2000 there was one name on the lips of Bournemouth clubbers, and that was Jody Osman, the man that provided the soundtrack for many a wasted weekend

The Brain Bashers The Brain Bashers (March 2007)
Rachael Shock and Graham Eden are collectively known as The Brain Bashers and are pioneers of hard house, having released over a hundred records

MNKY and Ryki MNKY and Ryki (March 2007)
The two rising stars of hard trance and Frenzy guest residents talk about cross-dressing habits, horrific injuries, and blowing sound systems

Ed Real Ed Real (March 2007)
Frequent guest of Frenzy and all-round party animal, Ed speaks to us about the Hard Dance Awards, James Blunt, and his love of old hardcore

Charlotte Birch Charlotte Birch (February 2007)
One of the top female hard house DJs talks to Frenzy about morning chatshow host Jeremy Kyle, a fireman's pole, and her trips to the local Spar shop

Paul King Paul King (February 2007)
Paul 'F1' King is one of the most influential hard house producers of all time with releases on Tidy Trax, Tripoli Trax, Chug n Bump, and Vicious Circle to name a few

Kym Ayres Kym Ayres (January 2007)
The Tidy queen of bosh and Slinky resident speaks to Frenzy about the Tidy Boys, the Bournemouth club scene, a return to the Opera House, and her rise to fame

Andy Whitby Andy Whitby (January 2007)
The saviour of hard house answers the questions this time. Topics include Big Brother, his dad's slippers, plans for 2007, and putting the fun into hard house clubbing

12 Inch Thumpers 12 Inch Thumpers (January 2007)
Jake and Nick give us the lowdown on their new band ventures, Kutski, fetish-parties, the demise of fun and bouncy hard house plus much more!

Chris C Chris C (December 2006)
The head honcho of Mohawk Records and guest of Frenzy tells us about how Tony De Vit helped him on the way, gorillas, and the Swiss

Big Al Medino Big Al Medino (October 2006)
One of the founder members of Frenzy talks about what Frenzy's hard house vibe is all about and a little about the history behind it