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Frenzy's birthday card from the hard house movers and shakers

Tuesday 23rd Ocober 2007

It's Frenzy's fifth birthday party on the 2nd of November 2007, and we've been lucky enough to receive quite a few birthday congratulations over the last couple of weeks. Here are just a small selection for you:

Andy Whitby: A huge AWsum Happy Birthday to Frenzy, a night I absolutely LOVE playing at; the atmosphere and vibe are unbelieveable and I can't wait to get back there again soon! Have a good 'un guys!

Brisk from the Stimulant DJs: Happy birthday Frenzy crew! Here's to another year of banging HARD beats and crazy south coast shennanigans! Hope to see you all soon, Brisk!

Alf Bamford aka Technikal: Have a very happy frenzi-fied birthday guys! Was a pleasure to play for you this year, fingers-crossed will see you again soon. Will bring you a piece of belated birthday cake ;) All the best! Alf!

Alice Favre from Slinky: Happy Birthday to Frenzy, La de da da daaaa Wenzy, Do be doo be doo doo Kenzy, Happy Birthday to Frenzy But that doesn’t really work so... How about HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRENZY! Or maybe just ‘Happy birthday Frenzy, Slinky loves you!’ but that’s lame... Urrrr....

Frisky: Happy Birthday Frenzy! Here's to another great year of partying hard! See you all soon! Lots of love, Frisky xxx

Jake Cusack from 12 Inch Thumpers: It's always been a pleasure coming down to play with you guys, your all funking nuts !!!! happy birthday frenzy!!!

Tidy Girl Kym Ayres: Happy birthday frenzy – I love you and I want to have lots of babies with you. Then when the children grow up I want to take them raving at frenzy. Merry Christmas Kym Ayres x

Charlotte Birch: HEY!!! FRENZY!!! Just want to say thankyou for having me I’ve had wicked nights!! Keep ya firemans pole free for me next time! :-) Good night had by all!!!! Happy birthday.. Lets hope ...Many more to come!! All the best Charlotte Birch xxx

Cally Gage: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday
to you, Happy Birthday dear Frenzy, Happy Birthday to you - that was sang in my best singing
voice as well you know, lol!! I hope you have a fab birthday party and get to celebrate many more from here. Big hugs, xx