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Frenzy DJs agree to play naked in support of the PETA charity

Wednesday 1st April 2009

Just a quick note as I know it's been a rumour for the last couple of weeks on DSI and Facebook, but I can now confirm that the DJs on Friday night the 3rd of April at Dusk Till Dawn nightclub in Bournemouth will all be DJ'ing naked in support of PETA the anti-fur campaigners - see for more information*.

You might be aware of PETA's work which has received the backing of various high profile people in the fashion industry such as Eva Mendes as you can see from the press ad below.

PETA - I'd rather go naked than wear fur

Please note that the DJs will only be naked during their set and will be allowed the dignity of obtrusive body paint kindly supplied and applied by our friends at the Vanity Van. We would like to stress that this is not an excuse for all the pervs to come and have a gawp.

Please come and give your support to all the DJs on the night as what they're doing is very brave and a commendable gesture.

For more information on the Frenzy Army night starring Iain Cross, James Condon, Helen G, and Dirty Inc please visit the Frenzy forthcoming events section.

* Frenzy will be making a donation to PETA from the door proceedings of the event. Please visit their website at to find out more about the great work they are currently doing globally.