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Frenzy interview Bournemouth's old skool and hard house DJ Lil' Bri

10th January 2009 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Lil' Bri has been destroying dance floors all over Bournemouth and the south coast for more years than many of us care to remember. Versatile, skilled, and talented, he will be rinsing the old skool in Frenzy's second room for Frenzy vs Resonate at the St. Valentine's Weekend Massacre on Friday the 13th of February 2009.

Lil' Bri - Bournemouth hard house and old skool DJ in the lasers
Lil' Bri - Bournemouth hard house and old skool DJ in the lasers

1. Hi Bri, good to speak to you on this cold winter’s day. It’s bloody freezing! You’re a practical and wise man so what tips do you have for anyone struggling to keep warm at the moment?

Hi Frenzy! Good to speak to you too. My tips for staying warm at night are duvet on the sofa, a cup of hot chocolate whilst watching Hollyoaks - and of course a good woman to cuddle up to in bed!

2. You’re going to be rinsing out the old skool in room two at Frenzy vs Resonate on the 13th of February and the theme will be The St Valentine’s Massacre as it the day before Valentine’s Day. If someone wanted to impress you this Valentines, what would they have to do?

I don't really know what to say about that one as I am settled nowadays and enjoying the music more than ever at the moment. However, I would be very impressed if my girlfriend Charlie got on the bar and started dancing whilst I was playing - although the chances of that happening are very low!

Lil' Bri DJ'ing old skool at Dusk Till Dawn in Bournemouth for Frenzy
Lil' Bri DJ'ing old skool at Dusk Till Dawn in Bournemouth for Frenzy

3. You were one of the original Frenzy DJs so guess you must have some good memories of the night from 2002 to 2004. Care to share any from back in the day?

What can I say - HARD HOUSE AT IT'S BEST! Memories go on and on and it was the some of the best times of my mixing career as I played alongside some of the best producers and DJs in the scene.

A favourite memory from back then would have to be March 2005 for Frenzy at Club Destiny when I played after someone who I'd always looked up to, not to mention being one of my my all time fave female DJs - the one and only Anne Savage (amazing!). The place was buzzing as Anne as usual played a hard banging set and I can honestly say I was thinking to myself "How the fuck do I follow that!"

Lil' Bri on the mic at one of his +12 nights
Lil' Bri on the mic at one of his +12 nights

4. You’re an old hand at the DJ’ing game, and I’m sure you won’t mind me saying that you’ve been on the circuit for quite some time. Could you tell us how you got into the scene originally?

I first got into rave and acid house back in 1989 to 1990 through my cousin Jez as I listened to all his tapes from Fusion at Pompey Guildhall starring Luke Slater, Badboy Donavan Smith and also Fantazia, Vision, and Dreamscape. I enjoyed what I was hearing and decided it was something I wanted to take up.

As you do for Christmas when your quite young, twelve in my case, you ask Santa for a present and he hopefully delivers. I got my Technics 1210s with a Gemini 626 mixer and I was in heaven - thanks mum and dad!

I was then given pointers and tips and promos from people like Steve Hyde. By the time I was fourteen I had a set at Jollies Nightclub in Southampton alongside Ramos, MC Marley, Mr Hyde and MC Knight. It all went from there and here I am now still loving it today like I did on day one.

Lil' Bri DJ'ing at the Mud Club in Bognor
Lil' Bri DJ'ing at the Mud Club in Bognor

5. You’re a man for all occasions and over the last 10 years I’ve seen you DJ hard house, hard trance, hardcore, old skool, and house. Where does your passion lie and do you have a favourite genre and why?

I would have to say my passion is definitely hard house.. and want to get back in the main room at Frenzy soon! But as for technical variety and quick mixing which is what I enjoy doing, I'd have to say hardcore as it's what I first started mixing back in the 90s.

6. The Hard Dance Awards are currently being heavily promoted by all those after the clubbers’ votes. Have you voted and if so who have you put forward this year?

I have voted and my vote for the best DJ was/is... well, they are from the south coast quite local too so that's all I am saying on that one. But yes I did of course vote for Frenzy as Best small club night as I'm sure most people in the south have done.

Lil' Bri puts a little bit of interaction into his sets!
Lil' Bri puts a little bit of interaction into his sets!

7. With clubs and promotions constantly evolving and some of our favourites from the past closing down, what’s your favourite venue to play at and why?

It would have to be a toss up between The Honeyclub which hosts Hardsouth and Vibealive and The Factory where I DJ'ed for Ballistic Beats. The set up in both clubs is amazing, the sound is amazing and most importantly the clubbers are wicked and really know how to have a good time.

8. Frenzy vs Resonate is going to pitch the hard house DJs against the hard trance and hardstyle gang. Who do you think will win!?

I wouldn't like to say really as all are top DJs but I think Iain Cross might pip it from you, although having said that Helen G is banging too. So who knows, it'll be interesting to see what they all pull out of the bag!

Game Over for Lil' Bri on another night out
Game Over for Lil' Bri on another night out

9. Could you tell us something we might not have previously known about Little Bri? Perhaps a secret or even something we might not associate with you... like a passion for stamp collecting?

Well, I do like to be in the kitchen cooking. I love it. Plus I also enjoy playing golf in the Summer.

10. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions this year, and if so have you kept to them so far?

I have made some! I am getting a bit porky around the belly and face so have decided to go on a diet. I'm doing ok but keep feeling hungry. I think I just need to lay off the chocolate and biscuits! Hahah!!

11. You know the south coast rave scene inside out so are there any DJs that we should be looking out for on an up and coming tip you could recommend?

There are a few I could mention from the hardcore scene so watch out for these people as in my eyes they are the future of hardcore. I am thinking Mike Vapour, MC Mayhem, Electrik Carl, MC Redi Knight, Squires, Stu Godbar, Stu from the Mudclub. From the hard dance scene it would names such as Dixon and Dempsy. I recommend you book these boys for Frenzy they will blow the place apart!

Catch Lil' Bri playing old skool for Frenzy vs Resonate
Catch Lil' Bri playing old skool for Frenzy vs Resonate

12. Finally, could you give the Frenzy and Resonate crew an insight into what they should expect from your room two old skool set on the 13th of February at Dusk Till Dawn?

Well you know me, I like to see and interact with the crowd. I am planning on playing a very old but classic set dating from 1991 onwards with tunes such as Sweet Harmony, a few Ratpack classics along with some old Slipmatt too. As long as people are moving I will carry on playing what they like as they are what counts and make the nights across the country happen!

Lil' Bri will be DJ'ing old skool in our room two when Frisky, Iain Cross and Helen G play the main room for Frenzy vs Resonate on February the 13th at Dusk Till Dawn nightclub. Check out our forthcoming hard dance events for more details.

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