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Frenzy interview Resonate's SL-DJ before Keep Bournemouth Tidy at the Opera House

23rd November 2008 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Stuart Jackson aka SL-DJ is head-honcho and resident DJ for Bournemouth hard trance promotion Resonate. He is also a regular guest of Frenzy not to mention a good friend of ours as our parties started out around the same time and same place. In November he'll be DJ'ing for us at Keep Bournemouth Tidy.

Resonate's SL-DJ dj'ing for Frenzy
Resonate's SL-DJ DJ'ing for Frenzy

1. Hello Stu, for those not familiar with SL-DJ could you give us a quick low-down in a few sentences who you are and what you're about?

Hi. Well I'm a 26 year old DJ and Promoter from Bournemouth, I run Resonate with the team that brings you Fusion & Destiny and I also run an agency (A&E Management) for a group of highly successful artists. As for what I'm about? Ummm good music, spreadin' the love and world peace! Haha!

2. How about production, have you much time to get into the studio recently in order to get some of your musical ideas out there?

There are a few bits bubbling under the surface that need finishing. You can expect something from myself and Iain Cross on his new digital label next year (there now I've said it we've got to do it lol) and I'm currently in the process of setting up a new studio so when that's done I'd like to make a start on some solo productions.

A romantic moment for Stuart as he raises a lighter
A romantic moment for Stuart as he raises a lighter

3. How would you describe the SL-DJ sound?

Tough, Uplifting and Techy! It's definitely more than just one style of music though, I'm quite proud of that. If it's good music, I'll play it.

4. We've recently asked the Organ Donors what body parts they would use if making a Franken-DJ. If you were to make a DJ using body parts from your peers, whose bits and why would you use to make the ultimate Disc Jockey.

LOL! Franken DJ! Ok top to bottom; for obvious reasons, Pin-Up's head but not keen on the hard house sound so give her Mark EG's brain haha, already it's a freak! Ummm turntablism skillz are important so let's get Matt Donor's arms and hands in there. Just for a laugh lets get Carl Cox's big ass torso and top it off with DJ Wilma's chicken legs because I really couldn't think of who else to say!

Behind the decks playing hard trance at Resonate
Behind the decks playing hard trance at Resonate

5 .Speaking of the Organ Donors, I've heard you've got some interesting stories to tell from your time on tour with them. Care to tell us more?

Ah now I really get to dish the dirt! I'm afraid what happens on tour, stays on tour man but I can tell you about a time they borrowed my sister's car to do Westfest and Tidy in one night last year. The car came back a shadow of its former self, mis-firing, shuddering and popping and to top it all off, a day later the rear left wheel fell off while my dad was driving it. Let's just say, never again!

Scott is also convinced that he knows how to get all the booze out of minibars without being charged, it's a great theory but when I check out and I've got £70 extra on my bill it just aint funny! To be honest there's nothing I could tell you that the boys wouldn't admit themselves anyway, they have no shame haha

6. We've run a competition to promote this event where the winner gets to cheat death whilst strapped to one of our resident DJs and get thrown out of a plane. That's quite hardcore. What's the bravest, scariest, or most stupid thing you've ever done?

I think the stupidest thing I've ever done was when I was 7 years old. I used to live in a village in Wiltshire. I ventured into the farm across the road and decided to walk across a slurry-pit that had a dried crust from baking in the sun all day. The crust was only about 3inches thick and below it was 6 feet of fresh cow shit. Luckily the farmer saw me and kicked my fucking ass!! I could of quite literally drowned in shit that day. Man that's disturbing! Top that shit for stupidity!

SL-DJ plus one Organ Donor
SL-DJ plus one Organ Donor

7. On the night of Keep Bournemouth Tidy you'll be DJ'ing your own style in the Frenzy hard dance room. You and the Frenzy crew go back a few years now don't you?

Yeah the Frenzy boys gave Resonate its first chance to host a room 5 years ago back when Cheeky Scott and Big gay Al were running things! Over the years we've collaborated on some nights and we'll hopefully continue to do so in the years to come. Their home happens to be Resonate's our old venue too so I love going back and playing for them!

8. Finally, it's nearly the end of 2008, so looking forward with our magic ball what do you have in store for 2009 that you can tell the clubbers about?

Well I can give everyone an insight now even though it's not finished but we are opening a new studio in Bournemouth next year. A double studio set-up with mixing suite and office for A&E Management. Studio 1 will be home full time to the Organ Donors and Studio 2 is for Hire.

SL-DJ with backing dancers at Frenzy
SL-DJ with backing dancers at Frenzy

We will also be giving up and coming producers the chance to work alongside an Engineer for a few days a week as well as giving young DJs a place to record and duplicate their demos, but mainly it's a base of operations for us all. Also keep your eye out for Resonate's next move, I'm sure everyone will like it ;)

SL-DJ will be DJ'ing with the Tidy Boys, Organ Donors, Kym Ayres and Mark EG at Keep Bournemouth Tidy on the 28th of November. Check our forthcoming events for details.

Photos courtesy of Charlie Raven and unknown sources.