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DJ Jedi takes Frenzy back to the Old Skool

12th July 2008 - interview copyright of Frenzy

DJ Jedi is one of the UK's foremost old skool DJs. Frenzy caught up with him and spoke about him getting robbed of his Star Wars collection, plus his favourite old skool tracks from down the years in advance of "Frenzy gets Fierce" on August the 1st.

1. Hi Edd, cheers for agreeing to be interviewed by Frenzy. The first question I want know the answer to is why do you have the name DJ Jedi?

No worries, thanks for the invite! Whenever I want to think of a name for something, I just look around and see what inspires me. So back in 1997 I looked around my bedroom, and one of my many Star Wars toys caught my eye – it happened to have “JEDI” in big letters on the front of the box, and that was that!

DJ Jedi DJ'ing for Frenzy earlier in the year
DJ Jedi DJ'ing for Frenzy earlier in the year

2. As you are of course DJ Jedi, which Jedi power would you most like for a day … and if you had it how would you then use it and why?

Good question – I’d like to be able to read people’s minds, that would be cool in life in general, but also very useful when DJ’ing!

3. You’re one of the UK’s foremost old skool DJs, but surely you’re too young to have been around when the music was new, so could you give the Frenzy clubbers an insight into how you go into the scene?

I was only 11 in 1992, but sure enough I was listening to hardcore like most of my mates at the time. The first tape I got was Easygroove at Fantazia Second Sight, I’ve still got it somewhere! I remember Fantazia being on at Matchams in Bournemouth, I was obviously too young to go but had the flyer on my wall and got the tapes soon after.

DJ Jedi rinsing the old skool flavaz
DJ Jedi rinsing the old skool flavaz

4. You seem like a decent bloke, so we'd like to know what you think the most charitable thing you’ve ever is – you can make something up to make yourself sound like a good citizen if you can’t think of anything!

I recently sponsored my girlfriend in a charity run – does that count?! Other than that I have DJ’d at a few charity events, including the well known “PLUR” in London, so it’s great to do something I enjoy and hopefully help other people in the process.

5. Continuing the Star Wars theme, well a bit... If you could be in the forces, which part would you be in any why? For example, navy, army, or the air force?

Probably a pilot, as I’m a bit of a speed freak! A diver would be pretty cool too.

DJ Jedi behind the decks at Raindance
DJ Jedi behind the decks at Raindance

6. Obviously you’re a Star Wars fan, but probably take it one step further than most with your website showcasing your collection of figures at What’s your most valuable piece? I used to have the Death Star which was cardboard and plastic when I was younger… god knows where it is now but I wish I’d kept it.

Funny you should mention that… last year my house was burgled and the majority of my collection was stolen. I’d love to know what happened to it, needless to say the police never found anything.

I was on the BBC website and in the Daily Mirror because of it, which was a bit weird! So unfortunately the answer to that is I don’t have any of the most valuable pieces any more.

7. Being an old-skool DJ how difficult do you ever get to play any new music? Is there anyone producing old skool style rave currently that we should know about? I know that you released an Old Skool track a couple of years back – any more plans to do so?

Yeah I like to play “new old skool” when I can, there’s been a few classics over the last 10 years or so. But I tend to stick to the original stuff because that’s where my heart is. I do make a quick cheeky bootleg now and again, but don’t really have the time to do proper production these days.

If you know where's Jedi's Star Wars collection is please call Crime Stoppers
If you know where's Jedi's Star Wars collection is please call Crime Stoppers

8. The Old Skool scene has loads of classics, and you hear the influence in so many hard house tracks nowadays. I’d like to know are your top five old skool tracks of all time are?

Impossible to say really, but one of my all time favourite tracks of any genre is Cortina – Music is Moving, which is obviously based on an old skool track and always goes down a storm at Frenzy! My favourite label from back in the day is Suburban Base, and artist would probably be Nookie.

9. Old Skool is obviously very closely tied to the hardcore scene, which is a very tenuous link for me to ask you what is the most hardcore thing you’ve ever done?

Haha yes that’s a pretty ropey link! Unfortunately I can’t think of a suitably witty answer – most of the hardcore things I’ve done verge heavily on being stupid/embarrassing, so I’d rather not mention them ;)

DJ Jedi using the old skool force
DJ Jedi using the old skool force

10. Finally, what can the Frenzy clubbers expect from you at Dusk Till Dawn on the 1st of August?

I love it all, anything from the 90’s really so if anybody has any requests, no matter how obscure, just drop me a message! I always try to mix up the classics with a few lesser-known tunes, so expect to hear at least a few that will make you think “shit I haven’t heard that for 15 years!”

DJ Jedi will be next appearing for Frenzy in our SubPop room 2 on Friday the 1st of August when Frenzy "Get's Fierce" at Dusk Till Dawn nightclub. Check out our forthcoming hard dance events for more details.