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Frenzy interview Rob Tissera in advance of his March gig

27th January 2010 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Rob Tissera is one of the biggest names in hard dance and hard house, and has been on the dance music scene since the early rave days. In this interview before he plays for Frenzy he tells us about his prison experiences plus his views on the peak of hard house.

Rob Tissera behind the decks
Rob Tissera behind the decks

1. Hi Rob, this will be your debut for Frenzy when you take to the decks on Saturday March the 6th. In time-honoured fashion we'd like to know where you're currently sat, what you're currently listening to, your fave TV program, and what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Good morning, I’m currently watching Jeremy Kyle, he’s a self-righteous son of gun. Let’s hope he’s squeaky clean! My fave programme at mo’ is Californication… it’s full of sex, drugs, and nothing else. Genius! I wanted to be an actor when I was younger.

2. It’s well documented that your roots go all the way back to the rave scene in the early 1990s, and one such story details the time you were jailed for inciting a riot after asking the crowd to stop the police entering a party you were playing at. Obviously you’re a man of principal, and we guess you’ve mellowed with age, but would like to know if there’s anything in 2010 that riles you up enough to start a riot?

Troops dying in Afghanistan makes me really mad. On the subject of my jail term, it probably did me a lot of favours in the long run, but it was also one of the daftest things I’ve ever done. Trust me, prison is not cool at all!

Rob once started a riot
Rob once started a riot

3. Times have changed since those heady days, and we know you loved the rave era, but what do you miss most about those type of parties?

You never knew how long it’d be before the police stopped the parties, so you used to go crazy for as long as you could. That’s what made it so special…. As well as sticking your middle finger up at the authorities. Ha ha!

4. Since the conception of hard house, is there a time during the period when you’ve enjoyed it most or thought it was at its peak? If so why, what, and where?

I’d say it was at it’s peak when I was playing to 12,000 people in the Sundissential arena at Global 4 years ago although I’d also say 3 years ago at the Tidy Weekender was also very dear in my heart. Hard house still has a future though. The Insomniacz party at magna will be amazing and so will the Atomik Weekender for sure!

Rob Tissera has inspired many up and coming hard dance DJs
Rob Tissera has inspired many up and coming hard dance DJs

5. Many of the younger up and coming DJs cite you as a reference for inspiration, which must good for you to hear. Of the ones in the hard house and hard dance scene, are there any in particular that you’re impressed with and could tip for the top?

There are loads of great new talents out there at the mo. I like DJ Cam, Caz Wood, Wain Johnstone, Kye Shand, Paul F, Jo Jo from Leeds. Vic Light… they’re all fantastic.

6. Currently Channel 4 are showing Celebrity Big Brother. If there was a hard dance version of the show, which five current DJs and producers would you like in the house with you and why?

Erm… how about… Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Andy Farley, Paul Glazby and Ilogik. They are some of the funniest people on the planet so we’d have a friggin’ ball!!

7. Could you tell us what are your plans for 2010 and beyond, which is also a good excuse for you to pimp and flog anything that you want to?

I’m currently working on tonnes of new material on my own. I’m also planning to work with Technikal again in a month or so. I’ve also been writing loads of house music and running Kissdafunk which is just about to have it’s 6th birthday.

Rob is an award-winning hard dance DJ
Rob is an award-winning hard dance DJ

8. Producing and DJ'ing is a full-time occupation for you, so could you tell us what a typical day like in the world of Rob Tissera?

It varies from day to day but in general I’m up by 7.30 in the gym for 9am , make a heap of calls to various agents and promoters, into the studio by 2pm till maybe 7pm. Have dinner with my girlfriend Anna then it’s sexy time ha ha!! I have to say that I do like a bit of sexy time. He he!!

Having said all that, there are lots of times where I’ll be in the studio all night though. Sometimes it’s the only way to get things done without the phone ringing.

9. People say you're a nice guy… but I am sure there's a dark side in there somewhere. What's the worst and most downright evil thing you've ever done?

I try not to do anything too evil although, I do have a bit of a bad temper if someone presses my buttons. I’ve been known to get quite mad in my car on occasions.

Rob Tissera with a t-shirt...
Rob Tissera with a t-shirt...

10. Finally we’re looking forward to having you down so want to know what’s in store for the Frenzy hard house clubbers from you on the night?

I’ve got tonnes of new material to play as well as loads of new bootlegs that i’ve put together. I’ll also be chucking in some all time classics of course. I can’t wait to get down to Bournemouth again as i’ve had some amazing times there in the past.

Rob Tissera will be DJ'ing alongside Kym Ayres and Knuckleheadz for Frenzy on Saturday the 6th of March at Dusk Till Dawn nightclub. Check out our forthcoming hard dance events for more details.

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