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Frenzy interview hardstyle's rising star DJ Loki

23rd July 2008 - interview copyright of Frenzy

DJ Loki is a UK-based hardstyle DJ who will be making his Frenzy debut on the 1st of August when Frenzy goes a little bit harder. Frenzy caught up with the mysterious fella and had a valuable insight into the mind of this deviant entertainer. If you get scared easily, then please look away now...

1. Hi Loki, just to get us started could you tell us what was your favourite lesson was at school, what you wanted to be when you were a kid and what's the most interesting fact you know?

I was really into chemistry at school. Me and my mate Neil used to make "giant fireworks" in our lunch hour. For some strange reason, our teacher would allow us to blow huge holes in the long jump pit!

DJ Loki is quite scary
DJ Loki is quite scary

I guess it served me well later on in life as I joined the army! When I was a kid I really wanted to be a biochemist! Then my older brother joined up and I followed in his footsteps, so I guess I was destined to be in the forces from a young age.

The most interesting fact I know… hmmmm… I guess it would have to be the fact that when hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

2. How did you come by the name Loki?

Loki is the Norse harbringer of conflict. Wherever there was war, Loki was there. Wherever there was fighting, you'd find Loki. He was a bit of a nasty little fucker really. I think it suits my DJ style quite well ;)

3. Where did you first DJ?

The very first time I DJ'd was in a club called Paradise club in Southampton. The DJ booth was in a speedboat! I was so nervous that my girlfriend (now my wife) had to keep hold of my leg due to it shaking all over place!!!

I was on first and I just about managed to hold it together. I felt sick as a dog afterwards, the adrenaline was awesome! I will never forget that feeling!

DJ Loki having it behind the decks
DJ Loki having it behind the decks

4. What is your preferred style of music away from the scene?

My CD collection at home is very eclectic! From Bach to Absolute Hardcore and everything in between! I'm a massive fan of Marilyn Manson and System of A Down.

You know that scene from Wayne's World when Bohemian Rhapsody kicks in when they are in the car? I do that a lot when listening to music!

5. How did you learn how to mix?

I started off with an old pair of Kam belt drive decks. They were so bad that the pitch would go up and down like mad and it was very tricky to beat match. I think it's a case of 'if you learn a skill on not very good equipment, it benefits you when you eventually do get decent gear!'

DJ Loki loves hardstyle
DJ Loki loves hardstyle

6. Do you play under any other names?

I used to DJ a long time ago under the name of Dr Messy. If anyone out there was a Slinky Kid, then they may remember me from that.

7. Who are your favourite other DJs?

I am a massive fan of Zany, Pavo, Donkey Rollers and Technoboy and have a large amount of their vinyl. Dirty, driving, stomping music that you just can't stop dancing to! I'm also a great admirer of the UK talent out there, D4rk and Cally & Juice being a few of them!!!

8. What's been your most embarrassing moment while DJ’ing?

Ha ha ha! Well, I've done the inevitable...taking the wrong track off! It's the way that you get out of it that matters and trying not to let if effect the rest of your set. You are going to mess up sometimes! You just have to cope with it!

DJ Loki hasn't quite figured out headphones yet
DJ Loki hasn't quite figured out headphones yet

9. What's your favourite all time tune?

Ooooooh! Toughy! I think it would have to Dark By Design - Stigmata! I sometimes have it as an opener! It's such a tough tune!!! Love it!!! :)

10. Vinyl or CD? What's your preference?

Vinyl all the way, except for my own tracks that I play. I can't quite afford a vinyl cutter just yet!

Catch DJ Loki at Frenzy
Catch DJ Loki at Frenzy

11. What's on the cards for the rest of the year?

Well, I've just finished off a couple of tracks, 'Adverse Publicity' and 'Millionaire'. 'Grudge' is coming out in the next few weeks too.

I'm just trying to play out as much as I can at the moment. More production, more gigs, another few more demos and a whole lot of stomping!!!! All info, downloads and more can be found at

DJ Loki will be appearing alongside Frisky at Frenzy "Get Fierce" at Dusk Till Dawn nightclub in Bournemouth on Friday the 1st of Auguest. Check out our forthcoming hard dance events for more details.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Stevens