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Frenzy interview Hardcore Heaven DJ Winner Exalt

30th August 2007 - interview copyright of Frenzy & Ben Clark

Andy Exalt is well known on the Bournemouth Scouse and hardcore scenes with his infectious approach to DJ'ing and his crazy hair. He also recently won the Hardcore Heaven Weekender DJ Competition. Not only that but he's a Hardcore Marrow... we have no idea what that is either, apart from we keep letting their gang do the room two at Frenzy... wise choice? You decide!!!

1) So Andy, the Frenzy and hardcore crew would love to know how long you've been DJ'ing out? It seems like quite a while now as we've been seeing you name on more and more line-ups.

Umm... I have been mixing for about six years now and started playing out about four years ago. Believe it or not still don’t own decks or a mixer, disgraceful!

The mysterious Exalt
The mysterious Exalt

2) To be honest Andy that doesn't set you apart from many DJs that we've had play before! So what got you into DJ'ing in the first place?

I used to make compilation tapes all the time of my fave tunes, and when I got into trance I couldn't really do this anymore because of the long intros and also having gaps between tracks was a bit rubbish - so I got into mixing. I also wanted to be cool like my friend Captain Bosh who owned the first pair of decks I ever touched!

3) Who would you rather be: Chesney Hawkes or Timmy Mallet and why? (Frenzy HQ: Who makes these questions up!!)

I would rather be Timmy Mallet because I would be armed with a Pinky Punky and a box of WAC plasters. Plus I could beat small children over the head and not get arrested.

Exalt is a Hardcore Marrow
Exalt is a Hardcore Marrow

4) That's a good enough reason for us... you recently won the Hardcore Heaven Weekender DJ competition. We know you were well chuffed so tell us that made you feel in just five words?

Really really mega happy Bibliothèque!

5) Isn't that four words? Anyway... A lot of the sets you play are made up of your own tracks and remixes, including some that Darren Styles has played at events such as HTID and Hardcore Heaven VS Slinky. What's it like when you hear a DJ such as Styles playing one of your tunes? And how did you get into production in the first place?

It was the best thing in the world when I heard Styles play my tune for the first time, especially as it was planned in secret with my b2b pal Calv Kickit. It came in from Dark Like Vader and I was like "hmm I recognise this what is it?!?"... then I realised it was my tune and ran to the front barging people out the way and danced like a twat (more so than usual!)

I don't really know what got me into producing, I just liked messing around with music on my computer when I was younger. I then discovered Fruityloops and played with that. I found out my mate John Ferraris was using it too, and from there we both learned a lot about making hardcore and putting stuff together and making it sound almost like track.

Exalt with one of the other Hardcore Marrow DJs, K12
Exalt with one of the other Hardcore Marrow DJs, K12

6) What are your top 3 favourite tracks at the moment? You can be big headed and name your own!

  1. Darren Styles & Francis Hill - Come Running
  2. Darren Styles - Sunshine
  3. D-Code - Like I Feel (Squad-E Mix)

7) Your hair has become abit of a trademark for you. How would you describe it; as more pasta-like or cheesey string-like?

Heh, I think as a more technically correct description, cheesy strings would be the better choice. However pasta head sounds better and actually if you looked at a packet of generic supermarket spaghetti from 20 paces, it would look like my hair. Also, I do also like wooden hair and poo head, how dare they not be choices!

Exalt is quite shy of the camera as you can see...
Exalt is quite shy of the camera as you can see...

8) You're a Hardcore Marrow and have been since their messy birth, and in fact played at the first night last month, what does being a Hardcore Marrow mean to you?

Being a Hardcore Marrow means to me that I have the great and utmost responsibility to play the best Scouse and Hardcore there is for the Marrow masses - and also as K-12 also mentioned once mentioned, the inevitable opportunity to draw on Matt’s face!.

Not only that, but it means that if a bad mix ever happened I can play the Marrow card and blame it on being a Marrow, not that it would ever happen!

Andy Exalt will next be playing at Frenzy in the Hardcore Marrows' room on Friday 7th September. Full details in the events page, line-up includes Fusion's Clodhopper and Andy Whitby.