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Frenzy and Yakuji Love's Dirty Inc get the interview treatment

30th January 2008 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Dirty Inc are Frenzy's resident electro DJs and are the strength behind Frenzy's Backroom Sessions at Dusk Till Dawn. They are also two of the rising stars of the electro scene as their 2007 and 2008 bookings and production releases testify. A typical Dirty Inc electro set at Frenzy will be a mixture of their own productions, re-edits of huge hits and some mashups. Dirty Inc are also residents for Yakuji Love, which is Slinky's very second room concept for their Opera House dates... these boys are on the up!

1. Hi guys, for those that don’t know who Dirty Inc are please give us the low-down on yourselves, Blind Date style if you could. Name, where you come from, and what you’re looking for?

Hehe... we are Jay & Jon and we’re from Bournemouth! We are a dance music production/DJ team currently specialising in Dirty Electro House. We only play tunes with huge fat, bouncy bass lines designed to make you punch your fist in the air. A lot of these are our own productions and we also include some cheeky mash-ups for good measure. We’re looking for global domination, so pick us and we’ll give you the ride of your life!

Jay Hales from Dirty Inc getting into the moment
Jay Hales from Dirty Inc getting into the moment

2. Could you tell us a little bit about how Dirty Inc came to be formed? It’s obvious you guys are good friends, going from the rapport you seem to have behind the decks, but where did it all start?

We met purely by chance on a Sound Engineering course in Nottingham. During one of many beer sessions we got chatting about DJing / producing and it transpired that we were both into making the same kind of stuff so we got together and gave it a go. The connection went from strength to strength and we knew we had something special when we received amazing feedback on our first remix together (‘Gravity’ – Freedom Recordings).

3. You play electro, it’s cool, it’s funky... the kids love it... and so do sexy people, but what exactly is it for those that don’t know?

It’s kinda house in an electronic, dirty style. Big punchy kicks with huge fat synth bass lines and vocal samples dotted around. And of course the masses of supersonic bleeps and fx that give electro its unique sound.

Jon fooling around at Slinky's Yakuji Love
Jon fooling around at Slinky's Yakuji Love

4. It seems like you guys have come out of nowhere this year, and electro fans seem to be talking about you quite a bit which must be good! What have the highlights of your year been so far?

Yes it’s been a bit mental to be honest - all of it stands out really, from being Frenzy residents (after just a couple of gigs) at Dusk Till Dawn to being Yakuji Love residents (Slinky’s new backroom sessions) off the back of that. We’re very much looking forward to March 21st when we’re actually hosting the Yakuji Love Room and helping to judge the DJ competition.

We’re still a bit shell-shocked but ready as hell to get in there and show everyone what were about! And of course being on the legendary Luke Dubyah’s Fire FM radio show – like we say, it all stands out!

5. You’re now getting well known at Frenzy and also Slinky’s Yakuji Love where you hold your electro residencies – and are renowned for your own productions and mash-ups that you play. How’s the production side of things going at the moment and are you getting things out there onto the labels?

Really well - we have loads of remix work on the go at the moment for artists like Elektra Kute, Fenton Gee and Dennis Wonder UK to mention but a few and are also in talks with Nitrous records about our remix of ‘Dirty’ which some of the more ‘not so reserved’ lady fans (just kidding) have taken a shine to.

Jay Hales saluting Frenzy's Dusk Till Dawn crowd
Jay Hales saluting Frenzy's Dusk Till Dawn crowd

We’re also in discussion with a fresh new electro label called ‘Arcade Riot’ which is about to kick off something fierce in the very near future, to do remix work for and release some of our original material on.

Look out for our track ‘Electro Funk’ which will be coming out soon on Arcade Riot. The mash-ups are loads of fun to do and it’s great to watch the reaction on peoples’ faces when their dropped in the clubs - usually amazement, but also some disgust in there too, hehe (reference the Bear Necessities), makes for a fun and interesting night.

6. You've both produced and released loads of tracks on different genres on different labels. How do you come up with ideas for a track and is it quite a difficult process producing those concepts into something people will actually dance to?

Haha good question... yes we’ve dabbled around in many genres in the past but have always come back to the dirtier / harder side of dance. With regards to ideas for tracks – with remixes we request just the vocals and nothing else, that way we know that our production will be completely original and unique and won’t get in the way of the original.

Dirty Inc are Jon and Jay - super cool electro dudes
Dirty Inc are Jon and Jay - super cool electro dudes

With Dirty Inc’s own productions we usually have a bassline come into our heads (usually when you’re trying to sleep!) and quickly get it down onto the computer and work from there. Or sometimes it’s a vocal sample. Either way it gets built and layered as we go.

The most important thing in our productions is giving the tracks we make the energy and driving force that get people routed to the dance floor and unable to move (well... except in a spasmodic flailing of arms and feet anyway).

7. All the Frenzy clubbers know Jon of course, as he used to a bouncy hard house resident for us under the Daina guise. Knowing of Jon’s alternative life, is there scope for Dirty Inc to branch out into different genres?

Never say neve! Just hearing that amazing hard trance the other night at Slinky was enough to get us thinkin "who know, hard electro??" Haha, watch this space!

Dirty Inc need you!
Dirty Inc need you!

8. It’s clear to see that you’ve achieved an absolute bucket-load of stuff as Dirty Inc just since your first gig in September at Dusk Till Dawn for Frenzy. Let’s fast-forward a year... where do you want to be this time in 2009?

We want to be gigging all over the UK with maybe a couple of international invites too. One of the summer festivals would also be a dream come true as well. If you don’t aim high, you won’t get anywhere!!

9. What’s happening to you guys for the rest of year? Anything that the Bournemouth clubbers should know about coming from Dirty Inc HQ?

At present we’re focused on making Frenzy and Slinky/Yakuji even more of a success than they already are. ‘Dirty’ and ‘Electro Funk’ + more will be released and we are also involved in the launch of a new band, but that’s all we can say at the moment. In the meantime expect fat, bouncy Electro with of course a couple of cheeky ones thrown in.

10. Finally, what should the Frenzy and Bournemouth crew expect from you at the next Dirty Inc gig on the 15th of February at Dusk Till Dawn?

Jay Hales DJ'ing at the Opera House
Jay Hales DJ'ing at the Opera House

Really looking forward to this one. We’re putting the final touches on a new remix so hopefully that will be ready – it’s a club favourite so everybody should recognise it. Also a couple of new Dirty Inc productions will be ready too. As they know by now the tunes will be fat, bouncy and downright cheeky!!

Thanks to all that’s supported us over the last few months – we know the regular faces! Here’s to an amazing 2008 and beyond!

You can catch Jay Hales and Jon Merritt aka Dirty Inc at all of Frenzy's Dusk Till Dawn dates in 2008. Find out more about them in our residents section. Check out our forthcoming events for more details.

Photos courtesy of Charlie Raven.