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An interview with Kym Ayres from Tidy and Slinky

20th of January 2007 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Frenzy didn't have to go far to interview the Tidy Queen of Bosh as she only lives down the road! We spoke to her about her forthcoming gig with for Slinky Hard vs Frenzy, the Tidy Boys, Slinky returning to the Opera House, and her plans for the coming year.

1. Hi Kym, I usually like to start with a topical question so here goes: What five people would you have in your own Celebrity Big Brother house and why? Andy Whitby told Frenzy he didn’t watch it (I don’t believe him) so we’re hoping you can help us out with this.

I’m the queen of trashy reality TV so I definitely can help you with this one... In my Celebrity Big Brother house I would have Johnny Depp because I love him, Slinky Alice because I think I’d explode if I went that long without working, Pete from the last big bro because he was hilarious, that Russian bird in Neighbours as I’m watching it now and I want to punch her and MC Storm because me and Slinky Alice could amuse ourselves MC’ing with him.

Kym Ayres having a nice cuppa tea
Kym Ayres having a nice cuppa tea

2. And, again... a topical one.  What resolutions did you make for the New Year and have you kept to them so far?

I didn’t make any cause I never keep them!!

3. We’ve heard recently that you’ve been asked to play dates supporting the Tidy Boys on their forthcoming Big Night Out Tour.  The question on everyone’s lips is; do they share a room with each other when staying over the night after a gig?

Despite the fact that they look and act like a pair of bummers… no they don’t!! They get a room each so sorry to disappoint… but there’s no bum touching there!!

4. You’re from Bournemouth, and follow in the footsteps of many musical figures who’ve lived in the town (off the top of my head, Jon Langford, Captain Tinrib, Paul ‘F1’ King, Organ Donors, oh, and Duncan from Blue…).  For a so-called sleepy seaside resort we seem to have produced our fair share of artists and clubnights down the years. What’s the secret to Bournemouth’s success?

I think the fact that it is so boring drives people to add a little excitement to the town!

Kym can sometimes be cheeky...
Kym can sometimes be cheeky...

5. Have you ever had any unfortunate and embarrassing accidents?  If it helps to set the scene, we can tell you that one of the Frenzy crew once got stung on the nob by a wasp.  Have you had any similar experiences yourself?

You mean that happened to someone else? I thought I was the only one!!!

6. It would be rude not to let you plug your up and coming production and DJ’ing schedule so now’s your chance to tell us what you’re up to over the coming months.  Is there anything the Frenzy and Slinky clubbers should know about?

I’m in the studio a fair bit for the first part of the year so watch this space on that one. As for gigs... I’ll be playing for Godskitchen at The BIC, the forthcoming Tidy Weekender, Tidy vs Extreme Euphoria at Heaven at the end of this month, and of course Slinky. I have shit loads coming up now – check my MySpace for my full diary (and add me as a friend too)!

...and sometimes a little serious
...and sometimes a little serious

7. Could you be Gypsy Kym for a moment and look into your crystal ball and tell us what or who you think is going to be the next big thing in hard house? 

Gypsy Kym predicts that hard trance is gonna make a massive come-back and it’s definitely time for hard house to rise back out of the ashes and have it’s turn on top again!! DJ wise I recon Velos will be the next big thing!!

8. Everyone seems to be a DJ nowadays so there’s obviously a lot of competition.  With that in mind, can you give any tips to aspiring DJs who might want to get their sound heard and perhaps give us an insight into how you managed to get to where you are in 2007?

A lot of hard work and persistence.  It’s really hard to get noticed nowadays but if you promote yourself well you’ll get more gigs, more people will hear you and the chances of getting noticed by someone become a lot better.

I first started getting recognition for my work after entering the Tidy DJ Competition. I then went on to win the competition followed by the Eyecon competition which won me a set at the awesome Dance Academy in Plymouth – competitions are a good way of showing people what you can do.

The other side is production... my release on Tidy certainly hasn’t hindered my success.

Kym Ayres, Slinky resident and Tidy girl
Kym Ayres, Slinky resident and Tidy girl

9. I always ask this question… What are your top 5 tracks of all time?  And as I always stress, they don’t have to be hard house.

God this is an embarrassing one but in no particular order...

  • Zero 7 – Destiny
  • Style & Breeze – You’re Shining
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
  • Spoiled & Zigo – More & More
  • BK - Revolution

10. Slinky Hard vs Frenzy is taking place at Elements Nightclub in Bournemouth on the 2nd of February.  It must feel strange for you not to be in the spiritual home of the Opera House?  Is there any chance that Slinky will ever go back or are those days well and truly over?  Please lay the rumours to rest either way.

Obviously the Opera House holds loads of memories for all of us but I think Slinky really works at Elements too. Some people had reservations about the club but they weren’t aware that the owners had recently put a lot of money and effort in to it. Slinky seems to have a new vibrant feel since the move.

As for going back, even if Slinky did one day return, it wouldn’t be the same as it was, it's having a massive refurbishment and being rebuilt for a different function. Also, the sound-proofing in the second room has been removed and changed into a cocktail bar so there would be no alternative music. It would be very hard to regularly fill a 2000-plus capacity club on a one room line up.

I think Slinky has got its fun element (no pun intended) back now and the future definitely looks brighter since the move.

Kym Ayres with Frenzy favourite Ed Real
Kym Ayres with Frenzy favourite Ed Real

11. You’re quite a young bean, so probably don’t remember the golden days of hard house when DJs mixed at 142 bpm with something called vinyl (ask the Tidy Boys).  Do you now mix exclusively with CDs and fresh material?

Oh god no!! I play both, I love vinyl, you just can’t beat it. I always make sure to drop at least one oldie in a set but I do play CDs too so I can bosh out the upfront stuff.

12. With the previous question in mind, what can we expect from you at Frenzy vs Slinky Hard? 

I dunno what I’m gonna pull out of the bag yet, but I’ll be boshing out a few classics no doubt whilst momentarily cutting the volume and screaming I WANT TO BUM THINGS!!