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Frisky interview in advance of Frantic and Frenzy in Bournemouth

17th of April 2007 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Frisky is the newest addition the Frantic DJ roster and is quickly making a name for herself across the UK. In this interview she tells us about her hate of hedgehog songs, what her favourite emergency service is and even draws us a nice picture.

1. Hi Holley, first off as way of introduction could you please give us a quick rundown of the following: your location, star sign, and favourite TV program, and if you have any pets at all?

Ok, location is currently sitting in my decks room in Swansea. My star sign is Pisces. My favourite TV programme is Friends and I don’t have any pets.

Frisky, latest addition to the Frantic DJ roster
Frisky, latest addition to the Frantic DJ roster

2. You’re probably the newest DJ to be added to the Frantic residents roster, which means you’re following in the footsteps of some pretty big DJs such as Andy Whitby. Could you tell us how you this came about considering you’re still relatively young at the sprightly age of 21?

To be honest it all seemed to come out of nowhere! I’d played one Frantic event last year, playing the 3rd or 4th room of Hard House Academy in February 2006. I was then booked to play for Timeless in February 2007. The Timeless gig went really well and I had loads of good feedback. It was then my 21st Birthday at the end of February and I was whisked off to Las Vegas. When I got back from holiday I received a message saying that Will and Chloe from UDJS wanted me to go to London for a meeting as they wanted to sign me to the agency. It’s definitely a birthday that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!!

3. I thought we'd put a different slant on this question as DJ interviews always ask what your fave tracks are... instead we'd like to know what your five most hated tracks of all time. And they don't have to be hard dance(!)

I can’t really think of five most hated tracks of all time. However, there is one particular song which sticks in my mind from a very early age that has scared me for life to be honest! When I was in reception (about five yrs old!) my headmaster used to come and play songs to us on his guitar. One day he came to sing a song that he had made up which was called “Holly the Hedgehog”. And it went a little something like this:

Holly the Hedgehog, Holly the Hedgehog,
Nobody wants to sleep with her
She’s got prickles, they scratch me and they tickle
All the other animals have got fur

She went to sleep with rabbit but he wouldn’t have it
Wake up Holly this will not do
You tickle and you scratch me, you tickle and you scratch me
All the other animals have got fur

Now come on! Talk about inappropriate innuendos! So that has to be my most hated song of all time. I still can’t look a hedgehog in the eyes!

Frisky knows a song about a hedgehog... who nobody would sleep with
Frisky knows a song about a hedgehog... who nobody would sleep with

4. Despite your age you’ve been DJ'ing out since you were 17... so for a reasonable while now. During those past four years do any gigs in particular stand out, whether for the reasons of personal achievement and/or any off-the-wall experiences whilst out gigging?

Well I think that the Timeless gig in Feb 2007 for personal achievement as it was after this gig that Will and Chloe wanted to sign me to the agency - it was quite a landmark event for me.

With regards to off the wall experiences, I remember whilst playing at Breathe (a night in Swansea run by Juice from Cally and Juice, where I'm resident) two lesbians came up to me saying that they loved my set so much that they wanted to rape me! That was quite surreal! I should point out that the next month they apologised and said that they were a little bit worse for ware – but the offer was still there!

5. The gig your playing for us is at the Old Firestation, which even includes an authentic fireman’s pole. What’s your favourite emergency service and why? You can choose from the police, fire service, ambulance, coastguards, mountain rescue, bomb disposal, and at a push, the 24 hour alcohol delivery man.

Oh that’s an easy one, its got to be the 24 hour alcohol delivery man – he rocks! He’s number one on my speed dial!

Quite fond of the 24 hours alcohol delivery man
Quite fond of the 24 hours alcohol delivery man

6. We always ask our DJs who the most famous person they've ever met is (or would like to meet)? We’ve had mad answers so far such as going Chris C who went to Elton John’s afterparty, and Charlotte Birch who is friends with morning TV host Jeremy Kyle. Can you get any better (or worse)?!

Well I can’t really top either of those. I did see Simon Cowell in Heathrow Airport once but that’s about it to be honest!

7. We know that you’re from Wales, but how Welsh are you really? We canvassed some other Welsh people and they told us that the most foolproof way to tell is by asking the person to spell that really long Welsh town’s name. Could you try and spell it for us, and please don’t use Google… it’s cheating! We will add extra points for working out and or/creativity.

Oh my god, I can’t even say it never mind spell it! But, I think it goes something like this – Llanfairpwchgwynllandisiliaigogethwychgogogoch. I know that’s not right but its something like that!

Note from Frenzy: She nearly got it, although not quite. However, we are convinced that she is Welsh and isn't fibbing. The correct spelling is; Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and it translates as "The church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave". Just in case you wondered.

8. At Frenzy we like to get to know our DJs. Could you please draw a quick sketch of yourself including your name using Windows Paint. The reason we ask this is that we then take this back to be analysed at Frenzy HQ as it’s a great way of finding out a little more about you. Don’t worry we’ll be kind…

Frisky's self-portrait for Frenzy analysis and review
Frisky's self-portrait for Frenzy analysis and review

9. Is there any forthcoming news you might want to tell all the Frenzy and Bournemouth clubbers before your next gig for us at the Old Firestation. For example upcoming production work or DJ duties?

Well I’ve recently been in the studio with a guy called NuSense from Cardiff to start an original track with him. Its about half done so I’m hoping that will be finished soon. My remix of Storm “Time to Burn” is also due for release this summer on Cally & Juice’s label – Ourstyle Recordings.

With regards to bookings, one of the gigs which I’m mega excited about this year is Escape Into The Park on June 16th. I’ve been to this event every year since it started as its held in the home town of Swansea, the first year was one of my first “raves” actually. This year is the first time that I’ll actually be DJing there so I can’t wait to bang it out at such a massive event that’s in my home town. I’ll then be flying to Ibiza to DJ the next day which will also be a first for me so I can’t wait for this summer!

10. Finally, what can we expect from you when the Frantic Tour hits Bournemouth on the 21st of April?

You’ll just have to come and see for yourself won’t you! Although I can promise some tough European sounds with some of my own remixes/bootlegs thrown in for good measure.

Frisky will next be playing for Frenzy as part of the Frantic Tour night at the Old Firestation in Bournemouth on the 21st of April. She will be part of an all-female line-up including Anne Savage, Charlotte Birch, and Cally Gage. Check out our forthcoming events for more information.