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Interview with Big Al Medino from Frenzy

15th of October 2006 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Big Al Medino, Alan, Big Daddy, Mr Breeze, Chef... call him what you will but one thing remains a fact. This is the man who has been with Frenzy from the start some 4 years ago and has seen it grow into what it is today. Big Al answers the questions in advance of Frenzy's Bournemouth hard house re-launch on Saturday the 2nd of December.

1. Tell us a little bit more about Frenzy and how it all started?

Frenzy is a club night run by clubbers for clubbers. The music policy is mainly bouncy hard house. Not the more trancier hard dance that is played more now. I started it because I had started DJing at home and knew how hard it was to try and get a go in a club, so I thought I would start my own night. At least that way no one would say "thanks, but no thanks".

Big Al Medino of Frenzy DJing at the last ever Destiny in 2005
Big Al Medino of Frenzy DJing at the last ever Destiny in 2005

2. How would you describe Frenzy to someone who has never been?

Frenzy is a night of banging hard house with no attitude. The clubbers are there for the music not to see some big name DJ. It's like having an extended family as once you come down the first time, you'll leave knowing loads of people...

3. How did you get into DJing in the first place?

I used to club religiously every week with Slinky and then Cheeky Little Monkey. You go to a few after parties where people are DJing and just watch what's going on, talk to those people, then I borrowed my friend's belt-drive decks and mixer and taught myself at home with his help (cheers Ed!). My wife saw how much I was getting into it (record shopping at every opportunity) and bought me my trusty 1210s and djm600 mixer.

4. Favourite clubbing memory?

It has to be the Tidy Boys when they first played at Cheekys. I did the Tidy logo in my hair. What a night!!!!

Note from Frenzy - This was about 1999, Alan's grown up a lot since then!

5. Favourite Frenzy moment?

Asides from the Anne Savage record-breaking night at Destiny (just because of the sheer unbelievableness of seeing people queing down the street to get in, that's quite a feeling) I have to say that the 'girls are loud' night at The Showbar has to be one of the most enjoyable nights I've played . The atmosphere was amazing. I don't know if it was the tight clothes or the dressing up as a woman (of sorts) that did it. One of us was more convincing than the other!

Note from Frenzy - A review of the Girls Are Loud night can be seen here.

The Frenzy Crew
The Frenzy Crew

6. Where would you like to see Frenzy in a years time?

Ibiza.. obviously! Hahaha...

7. What are the five top tunes always in your record box?

  • OD404 - 9 Bar
  • Tony De Vit - The Dawn
  • Vicky Pollard - Yeah But No But
  • Paul King - Insomniacs
  • Lock and Load - Blow Ya Mind (Tom 002 Mix)

8. Favourite track of all time and why?

OD404's 9 Bar because it was the first tune I ever mixed into another one. The other tune was Lisa Lashes' We Came, We Saw.

The Frenzy crowd at the Showbar in 2006
The Frenzy crowd at the Showbar in 2006

9. Cheeky Scott, gay, straight, or not sure?

Does that include Animals!!!!

10. Hard dance or hard house?

Hard House of course... I mean what the fuck is hard dance?

11. Best ever DJ to grace the decks at Frenzy and why?

Personally I think it has to be Ed Real. He is such a top bloke. He seemed to enjoy himself behind the decks as much as we all do. A particular highlight was when we all played back to back to back at Destiny with Ollie (Dr Evil) MC'ing. Ed has played for us quite a few times down the years at The Showbar and Destiny and never fails to entertain!

Ed Real.. bit of a legend for Frenzy really
Ed Real.. bit of a legend for Frenzy really

12. DJ you would like to see at Frenzy in the future and why?

Lisa Lashes. She's my absolute hero. And she's got massive norks!!!!!!!!!! Hubba hubba.

13. Are there any other events you would personally like to DJ at?

Just more Frenzys. It's always nice to be asked to play for other people but I usually feel a bit humble next to the other dj's technically perfect mixes.