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Frenzy interview hard house's rising star Caz Wood before Keep Bournemouth Tidy at the Opera House

22nd November 2008 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Caz Wood is one of the rising stars of UK hard dance and hard house and will be DJ'ing in Frenzy's hard dance classics' room when we host Keep Bournemouth Tidy at the Opera House in November. Caz is one of those DJs we've wanted to get to Frenzy for nearly two years... you will not be disappointed! In this exclusive interview she tells us about her twin sister, plus who to look out for in 2009.

Caz Wood - hard dance future hero
Caz Wood - hard dance future hero

1. Hey Caz, I'm pleased to say you're playing in the Frenzy hard dance classics' room at our Keep Bournemouth Tidy night at the Opera House. Finally we manage to get you to Frenzy! What can the Opera House expect?

Hello Marc thank you for asking me! I am very excited about playing for Frenzy and the Opera House for the first time. The Opera House is a club very close to my heart as I used to go there as a clubber lots before I started DJ'ing!

I hope to wow the Frenzy and Tidy crowd with a fun, uplifting hard dance set, keeping up the tempo with some true classics mixed in with some spanking new tunes too! There are some exciting tunes about at the moment, with a hefty number of remakes of classics that I simply cannot get enough of so you can expect some of those with some stomping basslines!

2. We've recently asked the Organ Donors what body parts they would use if making a Franken-DJ. If you were to make a DJ using body parts from your peers, whose bits and why would you use to make the ultimate Disc Jockey?

Oooh good question! Well firstly I would definitely use Rob Tissera's smile!! He's always smiling when he plays, it's great and so contagious!!! I would then want to have some good hands to mix and do tricks with, so I think use Rodi Style's right hand for tricks and Kutski's left hand for scratching, and maybe throw in Cally and Juice's feet for some unusual feet scratching! I would use Lisa Pin Up's body as she always looks fab and a DJ has to look good and I would finish it all off with Frisky's sexy eyes!

Caz Wood DJ'ing at the Ministry of Sound
Caz Wood DJ'ing at the Ministry of Sound

3. We've run a competition to promote this event where the winner gets to cheat death whilst strapped to one of our resident DJs and get thrown out of a plane. That's quite hardcore. What's the bravest, scariest, or most stupid thing you've ever done?

I must lead a pretty sheltered life as I've not really done anything that scary or stupid lol! Although when I played at Global Gathering for the first time that was very scary! I had only played out twice before that so when I received the telephone call asking me to play I was completely ecstatic but also absolutely filled nerves too!! I had only played locally for a small night a couple of times at this point, so I was completely new to playing out. So Global Gathering was a very scary thought at this stage in my career!

It turned out to be one of the most terrifying but amazing experiences in my life! It all felt very surreal – as I played people were pouring into the festival and the stage was still being built around me as the sunshine beamed down! I can still picture it today and know that I won't ever forget it!

4. I heard that you have a twin sister. Have there ever been any spooky and psychic moments between the two of you?

Me and Christina, my twin sister, are very close. There is 6 minutes between us (I am the oldest – yes 6 minutes makes all the difference!). We aren't identical although we do have similarities like when we talk on the phone it's sometimes weird as I'm like "you sound so much like me!".

Caz Wood on her Frantic photoshoot
DJ Caz Wood on her Frantic photoshoot

We haven't had any real psychic moments, but we have done the usual thinking the same thing and saying the same thing at the same time. When we were younger, Christina got stung on the finger by a wasp, and second later on the same exact finger I got a big red mark! So that was a bit freaky!

5. What's your earliest memory of hard dance and how did you end up in this weird and wonderful scene?

I have always been interested in dance music and DJing right from back in the day when I used to buy Ministry of Sound Annuals and Trance CDs! I was a big fan of Tiesto and one of my earliest favourite tunes was "Urban Train".

As I started to go out clubbing more, I soon became interested in hard house DJs playing such as Rob Tissera, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Pin Up and the Tidy Boys. I would go and see them at events and loved the tunes they were playing which included "Fuckin Hostile" and "Music is the Drug"!

One of my earliest memories of clubbing was at Homelands in 2002, when Lisa Lashes was closing the Slinky Tent! The tunes she was playing blew my mind and this started my need for more harder music! I then decided to start DJing myself and 6 years later here I am playing in the clubs along side these great DJs which is an amazing feeling!

Caz Wood - the future's bright
Caz Wood - the future's bright

6. The festive season is nearly upon us and with Christmas is fast-approaching could you tell us what you're hoping for Santa to bring?

I cant believe it is nearly Christmas, its come around so quick!! (I probably say that every year). I think I have been a good girl this year so hopefully Santa will bring me lots of presents!! A new CDJ1000 mk3 would be fabulous as I only have one CDJ1000 at the moment (Please Santa!).

7. There are a lot of new DJs like yourself who are coming through at the moment and seem to be getting the support of the big events. Which DJs and producers do you feel are the next big thing in hard dance?

The whole scene is very exciting for new DJs at the moment as there are a lot of event who very supportive and encouraging of "Nu Breeds" which is fantastic! With the rise of nights like HDS new DJs are getting the chance to play in big clubs for the first time!

When I put on my night "Dance For Life" I wanted to give a fresh new DJ the chance to play out for the first time as I know how important that first ever set is! Olivia Rose played for me and to see her play her first ever set was such a rewarding feeling as I remembered back to when I first graced the decks! She is definitely someone to keep an eye on!

Caz Wood doing her best Bono impression
Caz Wood doing her best Bono impression

Wain Johnstone, Nicky D, Anne Tsoulli, Mike Avery, Nathalie and Helen G also will go far with their DJing too! Production wise, the hard dance productions of Technikal, Klubfiller and Scott Fo-Shaw are brilliant at what they do and keep pumping out fantastic tunes!!

8. We've been asking DJs recently what they would do if they were PM for the day, given the current economical and political climate. If there was a Prime Minister Caz Wood, what would she be doing right now?

Ooooh if I was prime minister I would have to make a change to the standard working week making sure everyone only worked 3 days and had a 4 day weekend, in particular giving everyone Mondays off! I would also definitely get rid of speed restrictions and cameras and remove all taxes on everything! I certainly would have a lot of fun being prime minister!

9. Finally, it's nearly the end of 2008, so looking forward with our magic ball what do you have in store for 2009 that you can tell the clubbers about?

I am currently working on a new demo "Sound of the Nation 3" which I hope to have available early in 2009. I am very excited about this new demo as it has been a long time since I did my last one. On this demo you can expect lots of new tunes along with some classics that I have been playing out over this year, mixed in with lots of tricks and fun!

Caz Wood promo photo
Caz Wood promo photo

I am also booked into the studio with Technikal to make a new remix of a old classic tune, which is going to be a biggy I hope! Also, following the success of Dance For Life I may put on another event, so watch this space for more info!

10. Cheers for all the answers, I suppose all that's left is to wish you luck, give you a firm handshake, a slap on the back and ask you one more thing; who's going to win "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" this year?

Hopefully not Kilroy!!! He's such a moaning letch!! My money is on Timmy Mallet!!

Caz Wood will be DJ'ing with the Tidy Boys, Organ Donors, James Condon and Mark EG at Keep Bournemouth Tidy on the 28th of November. Check our forthcoming events for details.

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