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An interview with the new Slinky resident Velos

24th of May 2007 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Velos is one of the new breed of DJs currently making an impact on the hard house scene, such an impact in fact, that he's been signed-up by Slinky to be one of their new Portsmouth residents. We speak with him in advance of his first Frenzy gig at the Empire Club on the 8th of June and he tells us about his fun with porno stars and how he would love to have the power to fly.

1. Hi Sam, firstly let’s get to know a little more about you.  Age, location, favourite TV program, favourite food, and most embarassing ever moment?

We’ll I’m a young 22-year old lad from the seaside city of Portsmouth. My favourite TV show has to be the legendary South Park. You can’t beat a curry, and I’ve been most embarrassed by my drunk mother telling a particular story from when I was young.

Sam aka Velos, DJ'ing at the Tidy Weekender
Sam aka Velos, DJ'ing at the Tidy Weekender

2. We’ve labelled you as a Frenzy Future Hero.  Who in your opinion are the guys and girls in the hard house scene we should be looking out for in the future and why?

As far as DJs go the last few years have been really good as there have been a lot of the newer faces starting to hit the big clubs. My favourites have to be Andy Rise and Matt Pickup. I’ve only seen them once but are very talented lads with a lot of presence behind the decks.

Another one of my favourites is Sam Hudson, one half of Masmada. This is because like me he plays different stuff and doesn’t follow trends. He isn’t afraid to take risks!

3. When we spoke a couple of months ago I got the impression you were disillusioned with DJ’ing and the hard house scene, and were even contemplating chucking it all in.  Are you able to give us a little bit of background as to why this was and the change around in fortunes all of a sudden?

Like everything you’re passionate about, if it doesn’t come off after putting in a lot of effort you tend to weigh it up and think; "is it all worth it?" Plus it’s a ritual for me as I do it every eight or nine months, you’ll get used to it!

All it takes is one gig though and I am oozing with passion again. It’s what I love doing and it would take something major to make me quit.

Velos will be part of the Frenzy's Future Heroes' night on 8th June
Velos will be part of the Frenzy's Future Heroes' night on 8th June

4. You won the Tidy Summercamp DJ competition a couple of years ago and I assumed this could lead onto you possibly being signed to the label, as I think other people did too.  Since then we’ve seen other competition entrants and winners such as Kym Ayres (runner-up) and The Colonel (winner) added to the Tidy roster but it didn’t happen for you.  How do you feel about this?

Agh, awkward question! Ha ha... well obviously it annoyed me a bit, but I wasn’t annoyed with Tidy or anyone else, I was annoyed with myself. I saw how things rolled out with previous winners, so when I won, I presumed that was it going to happen to me as well. I didn’t follow it up with any demos or any sort of mail-outs and just assumed the gigs would come in.

5. You will be playing for Frenzy on our Future Heroes night which is where we’re playing some DJs we believe could be big stars of tomorrow such as yourself and MNKY & Ryki.  If you could be a super hero of any sort with special powers what would they be?

I would fly. No question! Best super-power ever!!!

Velos in action behind the decks
Velos in action behind the decks

6. Recently you seem to be getting bigger and bigger gigs, not to mention being asked to be a new Slinky resident.  You must have had to start somewhere though so what was the first gig you ever played out and what was the story behind it?

The first gig I ever played was at a friends 18th birthday when I was 17. I had just got my decks and he liked the stuff I was playing so we arranged for me and a mate to have a set. That was back in 2001 I think. As I remember I played the new remixes of Signum's What You Got 4 Me? The people weren’t really that into dance music as they hadn’t really experienced going out properly. I was probably shit, but they were loving it!

7. We like to do things a little bit different at Frenzy so could you please tell us what your least 5 favourite tracks of all time are, hard house or otherwise?

With pleasure:

  1. Heavens Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (I know, I know…mega anthem but I HATE it!!!)
  2. Champion Burns – Hell Reign
  3. Champion Burns – It’s In My Head
  4. Transisters – Backwards Bitch
  5. Away from Hard House – Bjork – It’s So Quiet (or whatever it’s called)

8. A question we also like to ask; who is the most famous person you’ve ever met, or would like to meet?  Charlotte Birch knows Jeremy Kyle, Chris C after-partied at Elton John’s gaff, Ed Real’s missus hangs around with James Blunt… you get the general idea.  The more obscure the better really!

Hmmmm, not that many to be honest although I once saw Bruce Forsyth at Heathrow and Noel Edmonds (who is a bloody legend by the way) eating dinner at a restaurant in Puerto Buinos in Spain. Someone I slept with when I was 17 or 18 is now an up and coming porn star!!

Velos getting some appreciation from the Tidy crowd
Velos getting some appreciation from the Tidy crowd

9. A topical one for you now, recently in the news it’s been reported that the UK has the highest amount of CCTV than anywhere else in the world.  If you could install and operate CCTV anywhere for a day, where would it be… and why?

It has to be Carmen Electra’s bedroom on the night she is planning on getting royally nailed by Jenny McCarthy. Do you need any further explanation on that one or are you ok?

10. That'll do mate! Last but not least, please tell us a little more about what the Frenzy crowd should expect from you on the 8th of June in the Empire basement, and if you could also tell us a little bit about your plans for 2007?

Expect a bit of everything from the harder edged stuff, and it wont be a set from the generic DJ box a lot of DJs seem to be sharing at the moment! (Oooohhhhh that’s controversial isn’t it... ha ha!)

In 2007 I am planning to really start the push on my DJ'ing. I have a track scheduled for release soon on Digital Assault, which is called Nathan D & Velos – Discover. I am putting the finishing touches on a track I made with Digital Kid and I have two studio dates coming up with Paul Maddox and Chrysus in the next couple of months.

There will also be a launch of a new myspace at and a new website which is currently being designed.

Velos will be playing for Frenzy on the 8th of June at the Empire Club as part of our Future Heroes event. Check out our forthcoming events for more information.