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Frenzy interview Tidy Girl and Slinky resident Kym Ayres before Keep Bournemouth Tidy at the Opera House

23rd November 2008 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Kym Ayres is one quarter of the Tidy Girls, which of course means she is one of the most popular female hard dance DJs on the planet. She's a Bournemouth girl too, which means it was a very easy decision for us to get her involved with Keep Bournemouth Tidy. Prepare to be astounded and amazed by the Queen of Bosh.

Kym Ayres is a great licker
Kym Ayres gets her tongue stuck on the mixer

1. Hello Miss Ayres... Queen of Bosh, Slinky Resident, Tasty Sort, Quim Hairs, Tidy Girl, Snuggles, and Party Bitch. All names that I've heard people refer to you as over the last 2 years. Which do you prefer and why?

I quite like it when you call me Snuggles actually, it makes me feel warm inside!

2. You're now one of the Tidy Girls and I'd like to say with that position comes a great deal of responsibility. I'm sure that's bollocks though, so could you please tell us what it means being a Tidy Girl and what's going be happening with this?

It means that I am one of the female DJs on the Tidy DJ roster along side Lisa Pin-Up, Anne Savage, and Amber D. Basically it means we represent the brand for the girls. We're currently in the middle of a big Tidy Girls' project actually which is a two part EP. Amber D and Anne Savage are on the first release and myself and Lisa Pin-Up on the second.

Frenzy residents MNKY & Ryki all hail Kym Ayres
Frenzy residents MNKY & Ryki all hail Kym Ayres

We recently had a photoshoot in London to help promote it which as you can imagine was quite stressfull for the photographer Paul Underhill - it's never an easy task trying to get four girls ready! We've also been doing a tour along side it and there's another EP due next year. There's loads of other stuff in the pipeline that I can't really talk about but all will be revealed in due course!

3. The next gig for you is of course Keep Bournemouth Tidy at The Opera House on the 28th of November. Could I have with no hesitation, two tracks that sum up the Opera House for you and why please?

Signum's "What Ya Got 4 Me" is the first. When I initially started clubbing I remember seeing Scot Project play. When he dropped it I was so battered and happy to hear it played in a club that I cried!

The second is JX's "You Belong To Me" as I remember the Tidy Boys played it at their first ever Opera House New Years Eve's gig - it blew me away and nearly made me pee my pants a little bit.

Kym Ayres is also resident at Slinky
Kym Ayres is also resident at Slinky

4. Could you please tell us about the time you once single-handedly defended a small village in the Indonesian rainforests from a horde of ferocious fire ants using only a spoon and a small bottle of insect repellent?

I can't really tell you about that as it's all very top secret as I'm sure you can understand. All I will say is that it took me weeks to get rid of the smell!

5. Give me a typical rundown of a Kym Ayres day and possibly an insight into the weekend if you're feeling generous?

It's not actually that exciting... I've recently been moving house so my time has been pretty much taken up with working all day then packing, moving then unpacking all night, only stopping to eat dinner!

If I'm DJ'ing at the weekends then they consist of driving quite a few miles to the gig and eating service station crap food before getting to the club and banging it the fuck out and drinking loads of Jack Daniels. I then pass out in a hotel and moan about how rough I feel for the duration of the journey back and declaring that 'I'm never drinking again'.

Kym Ayres DJ'ing for Frenzy at Dusk Till Dawn
Kym Ayres DJ'ing for Frenzy at Dusk Till Dawn

If I don't have a gig I can be found gracing the local Bournemouth cheese clubs harrassing the DJ asking him to play the Shrek Mega Mix or Britney's new song!! Rock n Roll!!

6. As part of the promotion for this event we're running a competition where one lucky clubber will win a skydive whilst strapped to one of the DJs.. What's the most scary and hardcore thing you've ever done?

I'd have to say that would definitely be being friends with you!

7. Hahahah... You're so kind! How about you tell the clubbers and perverts out there what the last dream was that you had?

It was the same dream that I have every night and it features you, a clown suit, a spatula and the Tidy Boys. It's very disturbing as I'm sure you can imagine.

Kym Ayres loves trendy sunglasses
Kym Ayres loves trendy sunglasses

8. Time to sell yourself... is there any up and coming production and DJ'ing news we should be aware of in the world of Kym Ayres?

Well... I have quite a lot on at the moment. I've just been asked to remix an old Tidy tune for one of the new Tidy projects that is currently in the pipeline. I've also got a few ideas for some original productions that I want to get into the studio to make happen.

Obviously i'm really looking forward to this Friday at the Opera House and I've got a very busy weekend with gigs. I've also got quite a few Slinky tours coming up and the Tidy Christmas party next month which is going to be mega!

My most recent track 'Guitar Hero' has just been released as part of this month's Tidy Music Library and also features and hour long Tidy Mix by yours truly so make sure you go and buy that too! Thanks for the Interview Marc... you're amazing and I love you!

She's made a few fashion mistakes down the years though
She's made a few fashion mistakes down the years though

Tidy Girl Kym Ayres will be DJ'ing alongise the Tidy Boys, Organ Donors, Tidy DJs and Mark EG at Keep Bournemouth Tidy on the 28th of November. Check our forthcoming events for details.

Photos courtesy of Charlie Raven and Anthony James.