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Frenzy interview hardcore DJ Clodhopper

5th of July 2007 - interview copyright of Frenzy & Ben Clark

Fusion resident Clodhopper is becoming a familiar face in the hardcore scene. Her sets have caused quite a stir with her energetic and uplifting bouncy style. The Hardcore Marrows kidnapped her this week and shone a bright light in her eyes... this is what she had to say in advance of the Bournemouth Hard Summer Ball at the Empire Club on the 20th of July with the Frenzy and Marrow crews.

1. Firstly let’s get to know a little more about you; Pets, favourite TV program, favourite food, colour, and of course favourite Spice Girl?

I have no pets because I'm never home so they would die. TV program has to be Hollyoaks, I'm a vegetarian... and I love a nice stuffed marrow. Colour is Blue, and the best Spice Girl was Baby Spice because she was the fit one.

DJ Clodhopper in action
DJ Clodhopper in action

2. Recently you seem to be getting bigger and bigger gigs, not to mention being asked to be play in the Hardcore Marrows room at Frenzy, which let's face it beats anything, any day of the week... But you must have had to start somewhere though, so what was the first gig you ever played out and what was the story behind it?

My first set was at Delirium at Lakota in Bristol. Basically a friend of mine gave me a flyer and they were doing a competition to play in room 3 so I sent in my demo and they gave me a set!

3. Could you please tell us what your 5 favourite tracks of all time (and they can be from any genre)?

1. Cafe del Mar - Energy 52
2. Til Tears Do Us Part - Heavens Cry
3. Turn up the music- Scott Brown
4. Free at Last - Flyin'
5. Power and the Glory - Geos Crew

4. If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?

Daphne from Scooby Doo because she's always up for an adventure...I don't really watch TV (Thanks to Dave for his help!)

Clodhopper will be playing at the Hard Summer Ball
Clodhopper will be playing at the Hard Summer Ball

5.You’re from Bournemouth and have been on the scene as a clubber for a ages but what made you decide to be a hardcore DJ?

I'd been to an event at Camden Palace and was invited to an after party. They were playing hardcore there, I didn’t even know what the music was called I just knew it was the music I wanted to play, I loved it.

6. You like to play it bouncy, but in your opinion what is better; a space hopper or a trampoline? (By trampoline I don’t mean jumping up and down on a tramp and by space hopper I don’t mean hopping on one leg in an empty car parking space).

It has to be spacehopper… because it rhymes with Clodhopper!

7. Clodhopper’s are shoes and also the name of a book by Hans Christian Andersen why did you choose the name?

My real name is Clodagh and when I was in school my friends used to call me Clod. I was always bouncy and energetic and one of my close friends said I should be called Clodhopper, because of how energetic I was.

DJ Clodhopper in action... again!
DJ Clodhopper in action... again!

In school I often said that I wanted to be a DJ and this friend of mine always said I should give it a try. When she died 4 years ago, I decided to buy some decks and have a go at mixing. I decided to keep the name in memory of her.

8. Female DJs have been on the hard house scene for years, why do you think it’s taken so long for a good female DJ to break onto the hardcore scene?

Although hardcore is quite big now its always been fairly underground so I think it’s just taken a while for the girls to get involved.

9. Who is your favourite DJ of all time? (please don’t say DJ Otzy)

It has to be Lisa Pin-up. She inspired me to be a DJ and I love her style from the way she looks through to the atmosphere she creates when she plays.

DJ Clodhopper is a very smiley happy lady
DJ Clodhopper is a very smiley happy lady

10. Hardcore was dying out a couple years ago so why do you think the scene has had such a resurgence over the last couple of years?

I think it’s just got a bit more commercial and there are more brands around now like HTID and Raverbaby.

11. And finally Miss Clod of the Hopper what are your plans for the next 6 months?

Some of my up coming bookings include Fusion on 13th of July, The Hardcore Marrow room at Frenzy on 20th of July, HTID on 4th August, Nose & Lips Outdoor Arena at Who's Hardcore on 10th August and Port to the Core in September.

Photos courtesy of Gekko