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Baz and Butcher for Frenzy - hard dance & hard house in Bournemouth

21st August 2007 - interview copyright of Frenzy

Baz and Butcher are part of the new breed of hard dance DJs creating a merry dance up and down the UK with their warpy bouncy hard ass sounds. Not only that but they're also semi-professional bird watchers and recently came second in the woodland pairs section... these guys are ready to rock Frenzy so let's find out some more about them...

1. We'd like to get to know you better as you strike us as a mysterious fellows... please give us your ages, location, favorite TV program, favorite food and your most embarrassing ever moments?

Baz: My name is Barry Withere, I'm 29 and live in Thatcham, which is just up the road from Newbury... and a bit smaller and even less exciting. Fave TV program is Friday Night Project until Lost starts again then I’ll be hooked on that once more! Favorite food is cheese as you can't beat a good bit of cheddar, I eat it with anything. Most embarrassing moment would be stopping the record in the middle of one of our first sets.

Butcher... and Baz!
Butcher... and Baz!

Butcher: Well my real name is Mark Butcher, I'm 23 years old and live in Costa del Newbury. It’s not very exciting here! My favorite TV program is Lost which is the best thing I've seen in ages! I'm a Lost nerd and I've never been a nerd before... what an experience!! Favorite food would have to be pizza and I love hot food though so it’s got to be a hot pizza or nothing. Most embarrassing moment was going down the street in Turkey whilst reading a magazine and walking straight into a pole.. FUCK THAT HURT!!!

2. Tony Blair’s recently soddded off, thank Christ, and now we have a new man in charge of the country. If you guys were at the helm for the day what one rule or law you would try and get through parliament?

Baz: I think I might revoke the new smoking ban or failing that make parking and speeding fines an optional fee... or maybe donation to charity.

Butcher: I would make it illegal to wear your jeans really low so your boxers are hanging out... how stupid do they look?! It really annoys me for some reason... and how the hell do they keep them there?

3. The night you guys are playing for frenzy will have the usual madness in the basement with yourselves and Andy Whitby. On the middle floor we've got hardcore from the crazy marrow kids and Clodhopper. What's he most hardcore thing you have ever done? Porno or otherwise?

Baz: I've recently done the rides on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, one of them fires you over the edge of the skyscraper and that was scary.

Butcher: Ha ha I'm not hardcore at all now - I used to be out all weekend partying like everyone else but I struggle to stay awake after the club on the way home now. But I think the most hardcore thing I have done is probably face my fear of spiders. I was so scared of them , people used to throw them on me. Once I had a hamster thrown at me in my sleep, whilst they shouted "tarantula"!!! The f*$%ers!!!! So I decided enough is enough and with the help of my old boss I overcame it - anyone who has arachnophobia knows where im coming from!

Hardcore trainspotters
Hardcore trainspotters!

4. When you guys aren’t DJ'ing do you ever find the time to go out clubbing yourselves, and does it usually revolve round hard house clubs. Or are you the shy and retiring types when not behind the decks with hobbies completely at odds with your DJ alter egos?

Baz: Not as much as we used to but then when we play out now we try an make a night of it as it's good to soak up the atmosphere. The bird watching has been put on the shelf but not for ever!!

Butcher: When were not DJ'ing I sometimes like to stay in watch TV with some beers. It's nice to stay in once in a while. But we still go out and about to events all the time, and it's mainly the hard dance nights we got to but I do listen to electro and a bit of breaks. If its good I'll listen to it but nothing is as good as hard house - I'm still in love with it and don’t see my self changing for a long time!

5. The new Football season has just kicked off and many people like their fantasy football games... if there was a fantasy clubbing league who would be your top 5 DJ transfers of the season and what would be your home stadium/venue?

Baz: For DJs I would have Alex Kidd and Paul Glazby up front for pure hardness, Paul Maddox and BK for producing some of my favourite tracks and Judge Jules in goal ha ha!

Butcher: I think I would have, Lisa Pin-Up as she knows how to party and still rocks it, Randy Katana as I'm loving his style at the moment, JP and Jukesy for the proper hard house, Tidy Boys are still on form as well and a bit of Rob Tissera!!! And my home ground would have to be Heaven in London. Only been there a few times but I love that place!!! Such a good venue!

Baz and Butcher also like bird watching in their spare time
Baz and Butcher also like bird watching in their spare time

6. You guys haven’t played for Frenzy before so we're counting on you to slam it big time! With that in mind what can the Bournemouth crew expect from you on the night?

Baz: You can expect some funky bass warping madness and some nice hard edged stuff too.

Butcher: Expect some warpy baselines and funky edge to get ya going, throw in some bounce, and a a big serving of hard house, and throw in a bit of hard trance!!! Totally depends on what everyone is in to on the night just - come down and find out! If we don’t play something you like you’re allowed to bitch slap Barry ;-)

7. At Frenzy we like to get to know our DJs. could you please draw a quick sketch of yourself? The reason we ask this is that we then take this back to be analyzed at Frenzy HQ as it’s a great way of finding out a little more about you. Don’t worry we’ll be kind…

Butcher: This is quite funny we thought we would do it all free hand as our mouse drawing skills are shite! Tony hart would be offended.

Baz & Butcher... our analysis was off the scale with this pic!
Baz & Butcher... our analysis was off the scale with this pic!

8. Most people usually have a story about how they got into hard house, and in a DJ's case, how they got into DJ'ing. How did it happen with you two?

Butcher: I have always been into my music from a young age and a friend of mine had decks but he mixed garage. I didn’t think much of it then and started to find the way of hard house! When I met Barry he had decks and used to have mental partyie all weekend so I felt as though I needed to learn to be involved more. I was hooked and spent 2 months practicing

Barry had been mixing for years before we met, but we spent so much time mixing together that it just sort of happened! Then everyone was on at us to put an event on so we did a 3 hour b2b set and it was wicked!.

Someone told us of DJ competition in Portsmouth we should enter and so we thought there was nothing to lose and we won. More and more gigs came along, Vince Robertson gave us an insane amount of help got us some massive bookings! Damo at Nu Religion has supported us more than we can ever thank him for also Random as well for giving us the chance to show people what we can do! Then there’s Matt Handy who gave us a massive boost, and Contagious Clubwear were wicked to work with. Now we're on Breed Management's books, and loving every minute of it!

They like to pull faces!
They like to pull faces!

9. This is the plug question which is your opportunity to tell all the Frenzy clubbers what you’re up to. If there’s anything you’re trying to flog plug way gents:

Butcher: Well were playing on the Fort in Portsmouth soon and have a charity gig in Basingstoke coming up. Also Nu-Religion and Bounce in Basingstoke! We're working with the agency doing their nights, you can find out more about that at

We've also done three new tracks including a mash-up remix of Signum's What Ya Got For Me and Coming On Strong, also a re-work of Charlotte Birch's Airwolf. There's also a track we called System Failure where we used a few bits from Lost! All done with the mighty Audiohedz!, check them out on our MySpace pages.

Baz: Listen out for our new tunes as no doubt will be dropping them at Frenzy!

10. Cheers for all the answers guys, I suppose all that's left is to wish you luck, give you a firm handshake, a slap on the back and ask you one more thing; who's going to win Big Brother this year?

Baz: I hate it but the wench watches it a lot so I have no choice. I think I would say Brian though.

Butcher: Yeah I would say him as he’s quite funny. I don’t really like it either though, but all our girl mates do so we don’t get much choice!